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Release Notes


Released on December 28, 2021

airt-server changes:

  • Feature: New routes to create DataSource from user uploaded CSV

airt-client changes:

  • Feature: Integrate routes for new user uploaded csv DataSource


Released on November 30, 2021

airt-server changes:

  • Feature: Implement new DataSource with Tag(s)
  • Feature: Add route to get prediction push progress
  • Feature: New route to update user info

airt-client changes:

  • Fix: Rename authenticate function to get_token in API and CLI.
  • Fix: Update error messages in CLI to display more meaningful information to the user.
  • Feature: Integrate route for new DataSource with Tag(s)
  • Feature: Integrate user create and list routes in CLI and API
  • Feature: Add "disabled" and "completed" params to Datasource ls API
  • Feature: Integrate Version, APIKey routes in CLI and API
  • Feature: Integrate route to update user info
  • Feature: Add link to REST API docs in client docs


Released on October 25, 2021

airt-server changes:

  • Feature: Add routes to create, revoke apikeys
  • Fix: Update list objects routes
  • Feature: Add pull for db datasource
  • Fix: Add exception responses in openapi docs
  • Fix: Remove connection params from response of datasource routes
  • Fix: Created column value bug

airt-client changes:

  • Feature: Add CLI interface
  • Feature: Integrate list, delete, get details API for datasource, model and prediction objects
  • Feature: Humanize date, filesize and time in CLI
  • Feature: Add separate docs for CLI
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